the way you move is like
a full on rain storm

If there’s anyone out there who cares even a little bit I’ve never needed to hear it more than I do right now

I’ve been struggling with depression for several years now and for a long time I didn’t know how to get rid of all of the bad things I was feeling so I turned to self harm as my outlet. I cut myself every day for months before I realized that something needed to change. I’m trying really hard to be healthy and to love myself and I got this tattoo so that every time I look at my scars and feel that urge to reach for a blade, I will be reminded that things are going to be okay and that tomorrow will be kinder.

I wish I could remember the last time I went a whole day without crying, I’m starting to think it might never have happened. I know that that day has to exist somewhere but I’m beginning to be afraid I might drown swimming back through the old rivers trying to find it.

No problem! Also just to be sure I'm scared you got the arrangement of the words wrongly. first: سيَكون then second: غداً and finally: ألطف

Awesome! Thank you so much again!

Language help!

So Im looking to get a tattoo and I want it in Arabic but I do not speak Arabic and I know that Google translate is very unreliable (high school French was hard) so if anyone knows how to properly translate “tomorrow will be kinder” into Arabic I will love you forever and send you all of the hugs I have!!

The worst thing is hating yourself enough you want to die but not hating your family enough to actually put them through that

Feeling like I need to be talked off a ledge right now and there’s no one to answer the phone.






Ten Chick Flick Cliches

Okay, but why is tumblr not talking about this???


I love that at no point in these scenarios were they pretending to be women.

the sliding down the wall crying part oh my god

Saving to watch later.

Living with a room mate has taught me exactly on useful thing: how to master the art of the silent fart.


The first five minutes of How to Train Your Dragon 2!